Why I live like this

I want to start off with one thing.  I am writing this post drunk.

Today I worked, had some beer, went home, went back to work and had more beer, then went to a wine bar and had some wine and beer, and now am home.

but better than all of that, I had conversations.

I live a destructive life.  I accept that there are limit which are considered acceptable for booze consumption, and then there is what I do.  How I drink is not healthy, I drink a shitload, and I should cut back, but I won’t, because I was super awkward.

I’m not awkward anymore.  I have developed into a smart and well adjusted individual.  well…  I was always smart, I just was never well adjusted in social situations.  I also can admit that I have no idea how much of my being comfortable socially is due to my ability to be a drunk, and how much is due to maturity.

I also know that drinking has helped my growth as a person.  If I didn’t drink, I would not be the social person that I am now.  Instead of spending my time at places of drink making conversation with friends and strangers, I would instead spend my time most likely at home playing anti-social video games, and I also would have no idea what my job would be. I do doubt that I would be happy.

I’m suddenly not sure what my intention of this post is.  I’ve lost my thought, but it’s to be expected, cause I’m drunk. But I am happy, and it’s not something I’ve been able to say for most of  my life.  I feel dirty and proud to say my life is booze.  Beer more specifically, but in general, booze.  I drink a lot of it, but in my free time, I study it, I experiment with it, I make it, and I use it to make things better.

I hope that this post comes off as more than a drunk rambling of a drunken man, even thought that is all that it really is.

And as well, I also want to say about the start of this blog.  I want to write, I want to write  really well.  I don’t really care about readers, or comments, or most nornaly stuff when people start to blog.  I care about me.

This might change. and you can call me out if you start to see advertisements on this site, but until you do, I should tell you this site is just about me.  I don’t write on here enough, but I want to use this site to make myself better at channeling my thoughts.

So… if you are reading this, enjoy.   I hope this will starting making sense.

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