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I haven’t really posted anything on this site since I posted about getting my Cicerone Certification(insert copyright symbol. bleargh).  Well, since then, I’ve been working, and reading, and SXSW has happened, and I’ve managed to get myself drunk a lot.  I was working earlier tonight, and am now on my second beer since getting home, so I am a little drunk right now.  but that is something that should be expected from me, half the things I put up here are written with some booze in me, hooray.

So reading right now.  I’ve recently finished The Art of Living According to Joe Beef, and it is amazing.  I have started working on a review after finishing it the other day, but that is not something I’m in a state to do right now, this is more of a drunk rambling post.  I like to do those more.  I’m also most of the way through Farmhouse Ales which is a fabulous book by the brewers association.  A great book about Biere de Gardes and Saisons.  To be honest, I don’t give a damn about the French farmhouse ales, but I LOVE saisons.  Reading it is making me realize one thing, and that is that none of the Texas brewers which are making a saison give a shit about what a saison historically is.  I feel like that statement is giving them too much credit, and I don’t think they even know what a saison historically is, or what would be considered a proper modern day saison.

Oh shit, I just hit a sloppy and tired state, completly lost my train of thought.  Saisons, delicious. Texas saisons, Lacking.  Am I being a bit harsh, sure.  If one of them would make a good saison that is around 6% and has a good mix or yeasts, malts and hops to make it at least decent, my criticism would stop about all saisons.  But that isn’t the case.  Come on Texas brewers.  give me something that is delicious.  quit making it too strong.  I want an almost session-able saison. bring it.

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