thoughts on customer balance

No matter where I work, I will always have an agenda of pushing craft beer. There, I said it. I’m a pusher. But walking home tonight from 7-11, where I stopped in after work to get some Oreo’s, I started thinking about the balance of what I want for the customer and what the customer wants for themselves.

I know what I want, I want to get people to open up to new things. If they are bud light drinkers, I want to be simple and get them into Fireman’s #4. If they just drink ambers, I want to find the beer to open them up to a hoppy American Pale ale.  If they claim to hate wheat beers, I want to find the wheat beer that will change their mind and think maybe they’re not all that bad. And if all they drink are American IPA’s, I want them to stop getting drunk all the time.

Balance is something there is where I work. While it is rare that there is any extreme beer available on tap, there is a good wide selection to please anybody from the most snobbish of beer geeks to the dude that doesn’t want to drink anything that isn’t in a commercial during his football game. Balance, it’s good in the beer you drink and it’s good in the bar you drink at.

So, this is a drunk late night rambling thought, but not that many bars have beer balance. There are bars that call them selves craft beer bars, where everything they have is made by ImBev or MillerCoors.  There are also bars that the tap selection will totally bend to the buyers whim, and 1/3rdof the handles will be IPAs and another 1/3rd will be big stout and belgian beers and most of the rest barrel aged and fancy seasonals. Bars skew one way or another.  I wish the bar I worked at skewed a little more to the creative craft and had 1 or 2 taps dedicated to getting some crazy shit on tap, but that’s not really for the best. Even I have trouble keeping up with the regular beers that are available on tap, and if new and one off taps were a regular thing, staff training would have to completely change for the bar. Also, a lot of people would…

Something, I don’t quite know. I lost my tain of thought and suddenly got really tired after work. Balance is as important to the bar as it is to the beer that is served.  I think that was my point.  I’m a little drunk and a lot tired, but I think you should watch this oreo commercial that inspired me to go to 7-11 after work.  They were great, and I ate the whole package of 6 by the time I got home.  I was hungrier than I thought.

Seriously, so great, so pretty, so poppy, I love it.

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