Thoughts on becoming a Master

I can understand why people climb Mount Everest. I mean, sure, it’s really hard to do. It requires an incredible amount of preparation, the task will be demanding, and it ain’t cheap. But, you gotta admit, it’s pretty cool to see the world from it’s peak. And afterwards, you get to brag talk brag about it for the rest of your life.

I’m never going to climb Everest. Shit, I am unlikely to ever climb something even half that height. My 14ers club card has one punch, and I don’t even know what that mountain is called. It was high school, and I never paid any attention to anything, gimme a break. Life is full of mountains to climb, from easy to seemingly impossible, which is why I took the Master Cicerone exam.

Do I think I passed the test? Nope, but that wasn’t my intentions. I took the test to push my self, make myself study and learn everything I can about beer. I did that, why should I care if I failed the test. Taking the test showed me how much I have to learn, how much I will always have to learn.

When I took the level 2 exam, I learned so much right after the test ended. Everything that was on the test clicked over the next month of work.  That hasn’t happened with this test, not at all. Everything on this test I already know really well, and the things I don’t know really well are not going to be part of my in and out workday experiences. They are the things which I am going to have to go back to the books to look up.

The other part of taking this test is the confidence its given me. I am a man with zero bullshitting ability. Seriously, it’s bad, I might be the worst liar that you’ve ever met. Everything I now know I can use in conversations with customers and vendors. I know all about things I would never think about before. Like the difference between a pils, helles, and export lager, or how to design and balance a draft system. I can talk to people with confidence about beer, and know I’m not bullshitting them. Now I just have the problem of sometimes coming off as a pretentious dick, but I think bullshitters usually come off the same way.

I love my job, and working in the craft beer industry. It’s fucking awesome, it really is. So I think it’s important to talk about the biggest reason I hope that I passed.  Bragging rights.

In other news, I finally bottled the wild kitchen ale I brewed in January.  FG 1.002. SO LOW!!! FUCK YEAH ATTENUATION!!! And here’s most of the books I read as part of test prep.

Beer Books
Beer Books
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