this day, THIS DAY!!!

fuck yeah, it’s thanksgiving.

Seriously, it’s the day of excess, strange eating habits, over consumption, and friends.  What’s not to love, what’s not to fucking love about it.  oh yeah, awkward family times, but I won’t have to deal with those until Christmas, so I don’t really think about that.

as for giving thanks, I’m thankful for everything  I don’t want to get into specifics, do I have to get into specifics, you probably want specifics.  damn.

All of friends and family.  yes, all of them, even the ones I cringe a little bit when I run into them in unexpected places.  i think the same goes for the regulars at the bar, but not all of them.

i’m thankful that I don’t have to follow proper punctuation or grammar rules. FUCK YEAH ENGLISH!!!

I’m thankful that I am in good health, at least I think I am.

One thing I am not thankful for, is distractions.  I thought I finished and published this, but didn’t, and come home from feasting with friends to see this sitting on my computer waiting for me to hit the publish button.  but I am a lot of tasty tasty food. and beer.  i am not ashamed.

this day, THIS DAY!!! now almost yesterday, is a great day.  Happy thanksgivings forever.

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