Sober February

It was 2 years ago that I first decided to quit drinking for February.  It’s the shortest month, there’s not much going on, I don’t want to drink on Valentine’s Day, and other thoughts contributed to my decision.  And for me, it’s a good one.

When I first did it 2 years ago, I did great.  I quickly became much better friends with Topo Chico, or as somebody called it as they saw me drink it, the Lone Star of water.  Being at work, the tiredness as I got done with work, Superbowl, Valentine’s Day, or just going out; nothing broke me.

I think day after St. Valentine’s was the first day of the Olympics.  I got off work to see some figure skating.  Everybody fell.  I think 5 girls fell in a row, it was ridiculous.  I went home, grabbed a coat, and returned and got a beer.

Last year, I had a first date on the first of the month.  Friends said I couldn’t start then, it would be weird, and I didn’t.  I only had the one date, and I didn’t have a sober February.

I’ve gone 2 days so far this year, and so far so good, but I’ll see how I do.  Alcohol is such a big part of my life, and cutting it out is a big change, and strange.  It isn’t the alcohol that I miss, as much as the activities that happen while drinking alcohol.  In the evening I’m going to read or watch TV instead of walking to the pub to have some beers and talk with whoever is around.  I’ll still go, just not as aimlessly out of boredom like I often do.

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