New Year

A New year is upon us, and I have decided to set myself some resolutions goals for the upcoming year.  Something that I can look back in in 363 days and see how I fared on this list of goals, if I was successful, or found other distractions.

The first goal is for this blog. I will write 52 posts.  One post a week is the plan for this, but I’m not a guy who sticks to plans very well, so as long as I have at least 4 posts every month.

I will have several people over to feast at my place, including another bacon Bastille day potluck feast on July 14th.  The first one was awesome, and I expect the second one to be an even greater success.

I will have a new job by the end of the year.  I love Dog and Duck Pub, but it is a job that I am not learning much from anymore, and I want either a second job, or different full time job that will help me learn and grow within the food community.

I will brew at least 6 batches of beer, and make at least 8 batches of Soda.

I will go on at least 4 trips outside of the state this year.  The first one is in less than a week, where I will be in St. Louis.  I am going to be visiting Family and Friends, and more importantly taking the Cicerone Certification Exam.

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