Joe Beef

Occasionally, I read books. Let me just say that I read plenty, usually it’s a bunch of random internet articles, blogs, or twitter if I’m feeling really unproductive. But I like books, and sometimes I read them. I just finished reading The Art of Living According to Joe Beef. My thoughts from reading it, is that I want to go to Joe Beef. I want to sit at the bar and talk with whoever is behind the bar while eating 2 dozen oysters and some martinis, and maybe a sandwich.

It is written as a cross between a cookbook, and a “look how badass we are” book. There are plenty of recipes, I’m sure they are good, they sound pretty great, most are very accessible. Some things, such as making your own smoker, are not.  The great thing about this book is how much the personalities of the authors comes through in their words. I cannot think of another cookbook that has done it better. I can feel the love and respect they have for everything they are involved in with their restaurants. It’s inspiring.

Considering that I am trying this as a book review, should you buy this book. YES!!  I figure if you like reading what I write on this here blog thingy, you will like this book.  But don’t buy this book if you are just looking for recipes.  There are plenty of books for that. This book doesn’t even have that many recipes, and one of the chapters is just about booze. To be honest, I think that’s awesome, I totally want to try their version of a Bloody Mary, which comes garnished with a lobster claw. Awesome. I do plan on trying to make the schnitzel recipe in the book, and my friend Andrew recently got all the herbs to make some homemade Absinthe. I might make other things as well, but that isn’t what makes this book great.  You should buy this book for inspiration, because reading about what they have done is exactly that.  Finishing the book gives me the thinking that I can do anything and love what I do, as long as I am willing to work 18 hour days and be incredibly poor for the next 10 years.

I also finished reading a book put out by the Brewers Association called Farmhouse Ales. It’s really technical.

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