Here’s How

The words Here’s How came from a trip I took to Berlin one winter with my friends Jon and Ryan. We found ourselves in a Mexican restaurant drinking absinthe and looking at a menu, that as far as we could tell, didn’t get anything correct. It had a list of about 50 countries and the words said when people drink together.  A lot of things we had heard before, but for the United States, it didn’t list the expected “Cheers” but the strange “Here’s How” which none of us had ever heard before. We decided that we need to fix that situation, and instead of accepting that the restaurant was wrong, to do what we could to make it right. Here’s how became our rallying cry for the trip, and for a while after we returned to the states.

Well, the words were fun for a while, but enthusiasm quickly faded and the words were often forgotten.  Our quest to help that sad menu get one thing right quickly got forgotten among other stories of our favorite bar, the currywurst truck by our hostel.

I don’t know what made me remember the toast, but something brought me back to it. I thought about what saying “Here’s how” could actually mean, and I like it.  So, I decided to write a toast. Enjoy, and if you like, share with your friends.

Here’s How we toast the time with our friends,
In elegant houses or dark basement dens.
Here’s How we mingle for work or for fun,
And Here’s How we bitch that we never go run.
Here’s How we praise the new friends we’ve made,
We love them forever or just for today.
Here’s How we celebrate accomplishments done,
For friends or ourselves, for work or for fun.
And Here’s How we remember our friends who are gone.
… Jerks.

This toast has gone long, but our time here is short.
I’ve wasted much time with my speech holding court.
Remember the things that I have just said.
(or maybe it is things you have just read)
So look to your friends, and raise up your glass.
And say those two words full of meaning and class.
So, say we all.
Here’s How.

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