Beer for Brunch

I love mimosas, and it’s great hanging out with friends when mimosa pitchers are $5 each. I only like mimosas for brunch, and I would never think about ordering one with dinner. I have similar feelings about wit beers.

A Belgian Wit beer is a wheat ale that is spiced with orange peel, coriander, and many other possible spices.  It’s a light beer that’s a little bit sweet, and like IPA’s, is best when consumed fresh. Drinking it fresh is very important, it makes the difference between having an orange burst in your mouth, or just having a light beer with a little bit of spiced flavor.

Blue Moon is the most popular and easily available Wit beer. It is also made by Coors, so if that’s all you know, I want to recommend some wits made by craft breweries.

Allagash White is my favorite. I might be biased, because I’m good friends with one of their brewers.  It is the beer that’s the inspiration for this post. The orange and spicy flavor surprised me. It was a burst of flavor when drank fresh, and when a little over a month old still tasted great, but lost a lot of the flavors of the spices used. I highly recommend you trying it if you see it somewhere, and hope they distribute to Texas sometime soon.

Ommegang Witte is another great brew.  I’m a big fan of everything that the Ommegang brewery does.  The fact that they have a partnership with Duvel means that they know what they are doing.  I like this one a lot, and would put it second to Allagash.

Harpoon UFO is the wit on tap at the Dog and Duck that’s not blue moon.  It has a lighter body, and is spiced a little bit heaver.  I also found out recently that it goes great with chocolate ice cream.

I should mention Pierre Celis, the man who revived the Wit beer style.  He started the Hoegaarden Brewery in Belgium in 1966.  When he started it, there were no brewers making Belgian style wit beer anymore, and he revived the style that hadn’t been brewed for over a decade. His daughter recently announced plans to revive the Celis brewery in Austin, TX, and I look forward to drinking one with some breakfast tacos.

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