So… it’s been over a year since I posted. I never had any loyal readers according to analytics, so I don’t feel the need to apologize, but still want to say why and what my plans are.

I got laid off from my job at a brewery. I didn’t post much as it was, but got let go, in a new and foreign city. I didn’t have much in the way of connections, and had a very hard time finding a job. It took me a long time, with a lot of temporary, grueling, and uncomfortable jobs along the way the didn’t last too long.

One thought, which I got from a friend soon after I lost my brewery job was that I should start my own place. I thought about it a lot, but with the dreaming and insecurity of a person lacking self confidence. But I’m getting better. I’ve got more stability and security, and am starting to more actively work on this project.

What is this project? Well, it’s pretty simple, I think. I want to open a craft beer and sandwich pub. It’s scary, and the hardest thing I have ever tried to figure out. Especially knowing that I have to figure out how to get all the money with basically nothing to put in myself besides my name and experience, which isn’t anything in this town.

I need to sit down more, and focus, and learn all the details, and gather them into an acceptable form, but that isn’t what this is. This is typing.

I need to type, to put stuff out there.  I ain’t posted shit on this blog, about anything, and that’s a problem. This blog will be my brain drain, of all the things I want to get out while trying to figure out the details of what I want to do, and the help in figuring out financing, and venting frustrations.

But… Financing, that’s what I need. about $200k. it’s both a huge number, and also tiny in comparison to most restaurants, especially with the numbers that I think I could sell. I could fucking kill it. I would work to hard, with too good a palate, and the ability to be too good to the staff not to do great.

That’s the key, staff. Ive worked lots of restaurant jobs, been in the shit and the high horse. Staffing and motivation are the hardest parts of running a successful and profitable restaurant, but I could do it. As much as I am awkward and weird, I’m also honest and trustworthy and willing to get in there to do a bunch of shit to make things work.

I started out great, but have been getting sidetracked, all I know is that my hibernation is over. It’s been a while, but I have a lot to say, and a lot I want to do. I’m getting over my year and a half winter, and am coming out to play. Good things are starting. I want to make good things go.

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