To start with, and the most important thing you should know, is that I drink a lot of beer. It’s easy enough to do, I love beer, my job is beer, and I am a Certified Cicerone™.  It isn’t just beer either, I also like to go out and have cocktails or wine, but beer is far and away the thing I drink most of.

And like anybody my age, food is very important as well.  Styles, seasons, ingredients, ecological impact, and health all matter to me in what I eat.  Or at least, what I think about when I eat.  That is what this blog is about, trying to think about what I am eating and drinking.  I don’t update it on a regular basis, and sometimes will make updates when I am drunk.  I will try to post things that are entertaining, and maybe a little informative.

I am just a guy who uses food and drink to make sense of the world.  So, to understand the world, I am trying to learn everything I can about food and drink and the culture that is part of it. I also like watching soccer and submersing myself in bodies of water.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to e-mail me any comments you might have to matt (at) buttercupindustries dot com.


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